Grooming For A Better Future.

As Salaam Alaikum Brothers,

                How many of us have babies that are scared of our beards and cry when we hold them? I’ve seen it before and as funny as it seems it can be easily avoided. Also many men think it’s manly or tough to be wild-looking and ungroomed, in fact it’s not and it’s a part of the sunnah to be groomed. Abu Hurairah reported, Five things are according to nature: Circumcision, and the removal of superfluous hair,8 and the removal of hair in the armpit, and the paring of nails, and the clipping of the moustache.( B77:63). Also , ‘Ā’ishah said, I used to comb the hair of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him.(B. 6:2.). So there’s no doubt that we as men are supposed to be well-groomed, it’s a part of cleanliness and we always have to be clean.  There are so many reasons why we should focus on being well-groomed and each have its own level of importance, such as for your wife’s sake and to get a job. Some brothers aren’t married yet so the first doesn’t apply to them yet the second does, and another man might feel the opposite way. Whatever the case, it is still very important. While we are men and some things we just don’t do in the grooming world(clear coat nail polish is a no-no!), some things are acceptable and will help you in the long run.

Grooming for the Modern Muslim Gentleman.

  • Hair: Hair is important because its something that people see and it can really make or break your image. I know a lot of brothers like to go full bald and wear kufi’s 24/7, but a lot of other brothers don’t. The Prophet (S.A.W) had shoulder length hair i believe and used to rub olive oil through it periodically, proof that one should take care of their hair! Find whatever hairstyle works for you, as long as its Halal and you like it, wear it! Me personally im going with the short and wavy hairstyle because my wife likes it but if you want to wear it to your shoulders so be it.Just keep it brushed smooth or combed. I even know some brothers who put henna in it!
  • Beard: This is touchy amongst men, some say you’re not supposed to cut it others say you can,   Ibn ‘Umar reported, The Prophet, peace and blessings of Allāh be on him, said: “Oppose the polytheists–leave the beard to grow abundant and clip the moustaches.”9 And when Ibn ‘Umar performed the pilgrimage or the ‘umrah, he used to grasp his beard with his hand; what exceeded, he had it cut off.(B. 77:64.). If you do follow this and trim and cut the edges and if you don’t, always remember that its…………..HAIR!!!!!! it has to be moisturized and nourished and fed just like your head hair does, but be careful brother, some products will irritated the skin and we certainly do not want that right?!?
  • Nails: Pretty simple…………CLIP THEM!!! we don’t want to look like old pimps with dragon claws right brothers?!? Clipping and shaping your nails is healthy and sunnah and it will make your hands more shakable! Meaning brothers will be more inclined to shake your hand and not worry about you scratching them or you can hold your family without scratching them either. THIS ALSO GOES THE SAME FOR TOE NAILS!!!!!! Treat your toe nails like your finger nails, clip em, file em down, and don’t paint them, remember we’re MEN!
  • Oral: Brush your teeth, use mouthwash, carry a miswak, and repeat daily, Also keep your lips well moisturized, as for your wife’s sake !
  • Skin: Use lotion men, it won’t hurt and it is healthy to moisturize it.
  • Fragrance: I can’t stress enough over how important this is! it ranges from oil to scented products down to deodorant. Smell good men, the Prophet (S.A.W.) did so why can’t we? Make sure you get a fragrance that smells like you and your wife likes it as well.(Very Important!) Also please brothers do not over do the smell good!!!! if so you might create a horrible situation for you and everyone else around you

If followed correctly, us muslim men can be more clean-cut, approachable muslim men and who doesn’t want that?


Insha Allah I hope you brothers learned some things and insha Allah if i said anything wrong may Allah forgive me for it was not my intention. Ameen

As Salaam Alaikum Brothers.

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