I am a 21-year-old male. I’m Married and expecting. Muslim of course, and I am striving to become a better muslim man as well as a gentleman. No one is perfect, but the best of people are those who acknowledge their faults and better themselves by fixing them. In the end the result is a win/win. Your wife/family/community loves you, and the Prophet (S.A.W ) said in the next life those who will sit among me are those like me in manners!

I live in Detroit, Michigan. The muslim community is big and growing and like most other places it has its bad spots. If we as men can change some of our bad manners and treat life a little better a lot of problems can be avoided.

With this blog I wish to achieve a few things.

  • Help muslim men, as well as myself become a better muslim man who follows the ways and manners of our beloved Prophet(S.A.W)
  • Give tips and share ideas for grooming, which is equally important as manners.
  • Give muslim men a place to learn, meet, and ultimately become……….MUSLIM GENTLEMEN!

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