Dress Code 2.0

There’s a time and a place for everything, there’s a time and a place for everything…………..This phrase constantly repeats in my mind right before the Jummah kutbah. Why you ask? Because even though it’s 2011, and we know how muslims and more importantly, the Prophet (S.A.W) dressed, and especially since we know the religion didn’t change, men still feel the need to dress unislamicly for Jummah. Now if your thinking, it’s my body and i can dress how i want, your right, but this is what separates a muslim male from a muslim gentleman. Muslim gentlemen know the importance of being well-kept and looking your best during Jummah, which means wearing islamic clothing to the house of Allah for Jummah services. Why is this such a problem you may wonder, take this food for thought. A gang member doesn’t like chucks yet all the members in his gang wear them as part of their attire, so he wears them, or look at the president, he wears suits to all public places and functions but maybe at home in private he rocks a throwback or white tee(That would be funny!). The point im trying to make is there’s a time and place to dress a certain way. When you go to a job interview, you typically wear a white button up shirt, and khaki’s or chinos or slacks.when your watching the Superbowl you might opt for your teams jersey for something comfy, or when your playing sports your don’t wear a suit, right? How many times have you seen young muslim males sitting in the masjid for the Jummah kutbah wearing a bright coogi shirt and true religion jeans that are horribly baggy and a necklace he got from the gas station? While it may seem like I’m hating, im not, I’m on a quest to be a man, a gentleman, a muslim gentleman, and as that i find it unacceptable to be attending jummah in such attire. You’re in the house of Allah and as such your supposed to be in your best ISLAMIC attire. No kufi under a fitted, no super baggy jeans stuffed in your socks, actual muslim clothing. I’m talking thobes keffiyeh, leather socks, the works, of course we as humans have different ┬átaste on clothing so wear whatever suits you best. For the men who don’t own thobes or dont know how to purchase one, im here to help!

Guidelines for Thobe Buying.

  1. Get your size(no baggy or tight fit, thobes should be fitted yet loose, like a tailored shirt.)
  2. Browse different styles(there’s many styles and some style arent for everyone so find one that fit your body and personal tastes)
  3. Start off with some cheap ones(do this so you get familiar with thobes, how to care for them, how to clean them and things of that nature)
  4. If married, make sure your spouse likes is(very important as to she is going to have to see it a lot and its a plus if she likes it)
  5. Buy multiple(different cuts and colors for different occasions, remember that variety is the spice of life)
  6. Lastly, think of the whole outfit or wardrobe(if you’re wearing jeans you might want a cotton thobe of similar of close color, ill explain in a bit)

With these tips you should be able to successfully purchase a thobe or two but it doesn’t stop there, here are some thoughtful words to ponder also.

Thobe materials and clothing that works well with.

  1. Cotton Thobe: denim, corduroy,slacks, khaki’s, even sweats!
  2. Polyester blend Thobe: slacks,khaki’s,denim(sometimes), and sweats(crazy but true!)
  3. Satin Thobe: satin pants(DUH), khaki’s, no sweats lol
  4. Wool Thobe: denim, corduroy, khaki’s, and yes sweats!

Remember, accessorize and accentuate, clothing should be an adornment as well as protection. I’m not going to get into colors but if you follow these steps, you should be looking like a well-kept muslim gentleman in no time!

Also if you want a custom-made thobe, Me and my wife are working on it so email me some ideas or inquiring a piece or something for your wife, my wife does it well.

As Salam Alaikum Gentlemen.